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Wet HairDressing’

The Number 1 Hair Destination

At 52 Cattley Street Burnie, owned by Rodney Gregson. With over 25 years of experience in Burnie, the award-winning salon. The love and dedication at WET will see you want to visit again and again. Now operating 6 days a week and extra hours, existing clientele and new clients will have more opportunity to make their appointments – Contact us now


A creative, experienced, confident, understanding and fun team. They ensure their knowledge is current and contemporary, up with the latest trends and offered to their clients. Regular staff training to enhance their skills and knowledge for specialised cutting/colouring techniques.

An effort is made to get to know clients personally as well as professionally. Come and experience the difference.


Absolute bliss!! Massage chairs, background music and lots of laughter, all create the perfect ambience to let you relax and enjoy the unique experience.

Kick back, have an infused coffee, a chat and enjoy our company as we enhance your day.

Contact us today to make an appointment.


Treat yourself, ‘Wet’ use and stock Schwarzkopf professional products and are able to offer expert advice for these salon exclusive products. More Info:

We are a listed Schwarzkopf Partner Salon & PH Salon.

GHD products are also stocked for all straightening and curling needs. More Info:

Cloud 9 products are also available. More info:



We offer spray tans which are all fully developed within 2 hours. We use a few leading brands, which regularly coming out with amazing new products for best skin tone result for you.

Ring us for an appointment. You can be the colour you want within half an hour.

Rodney Gregson

Rodney Gregson

Owner / Director

Taylor Wallace

Taylor Wallace

Manager / Senior Stylist

Des' Ree Alexander

Des' Ree Alexander

Senior Stylist

Jacqui McCulloch

Jacqui McCulloch

Senior Stylist

Zoe O'halloran

Zoe O'halloran

Emerging Stylist

Wet Hair Dressing

52 Cattley St,
Burnie TAS 7320

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